Coming Soon for PayTickr Payroll Customers – Verification Exchange – a no-cost income and employment verification service from Equifax!

Reduce Time to Process Mobile Worker Payroll by 92%

Use PayTickr as a standalone time & location tracking app, or with Payroll and ePayments.

There’s no sense using complex, costly, bloated software to do a simple job.

  1. Employees use the app to punch in and punch out

  2. Management reviews time logs and adjusts as necessary

  3. Pay stubs are generated and (optionally) sent to Telpay for processing

  4. Employees receive their pay stubs and pay

“We already have company payroll software, so we just use PayTickr to track hours & location, and then upload their simple Excel export file to our system.”

Pay for only what you need!

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Our new Apple iOS and Android Mobile Apps are here.

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