Time Tracking
Shouldn't Take Time

Reduce time to process mobile worker payroll by 92%.
Use PayTickr as a standalone time&location tracking app,
or with Payroll and ePayments.

Combine Time Tracking, Payroll and ePayments in One Simple Solution


Business owners with a mobile workforce need to efficiently track and pay remote employees regardless of location.

PayTickr is a cloud-based service that easily manages time and location tracking and automates payroll & government remittances.

Time To Get To Work

4-Hour to 20-Minute Payroll

Control Labour Costs With Digital Punch Cards

Your mobile workers clock in & out from the job site using the GPS-enabled PayTickr app. No more "guesstimating" hours; you pay only for the time actually worked.

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Automatic & Accurate Payroll Calculations

PayTickr uses your digital punch cards to process payroll ensuring wages and deductions are correct. No data entry, no manual calculations, no mistakes. Just peace of mind.

Simple. Flexible. Accurate.

Made Easier With Integration

Automated Cloud-Based Service

As your workers' clock in and out, their hours, tasks and location are logged securely in the PayTickr cloud service. Other time tracking systems stop there, but PayTickr automatically calculates payroll and deductions. No more pulling data from one system and entering into another.

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Gain Insights To Guide Your Way

Your staff’s time is your most expensive cost, so you need to have a deep understanding of this resource. PayTickr software provides a range of logs and reports, like project profitability and the productivity & location of each team member. With info like this, you can make the best choices for your business.

We've Made PayTickr's Pricing Flexible To Suit Your Team Needs


Time Tracking


per month per employee

Free mobile app

Mobile & web punch-in/out

Employee punch history

Create logs, including location

OT & Vacation hours calcs

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per employee per payroll run

Source Deductions For All Provinces

24/7 Access To Pay Stubs

Vacation pay & bonus statements

Automatic T4 and ROEs ($3 & $2)

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Time & Payroll

$2 + $1.50

Save 33% per month per employee

All Features From Time Tracking

All Features From Payroll

Integration & Automatic Calcs

$1/month savings on time tracking module … 33% off

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plus a base monthly fee of $5 per month


Add Telpay to your PayTickr Subscription


Pay part-time & full-time staff, and sub-contractors
Gov't Remittances
Amazingly Secure

But is the system hard to use? No!


Register and Setup

A manager can typically setup and get comfortable with the system in about an hour. Setup employee accounts, have them download the free app to their mobile device, and start Time Tracking right away.


Review Time Logs

Review employee time logs, confirming all times and locations are accurate. Find an error? PayTickr provides managers with an easy interface to create, edit and delete logs.


Generate Pay Stubs

Calculate payments from the reviewed logs (including any preset deductions), preview each employee’s pay stub and email or print pay stubs for their records. With PayTickr, you can easily review past pay stubs in the event of any possible payment errors.

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Pay Employees and Deductions

Export your file from PayTickr and automatically pay employees and source deductions to CRA using the built-in Telpay functionality. Have one-off expense cheques to issue? Use the amounts provided from PayTickr for these one-time payments. Rest easy knowing you can review all of these at a later date.

We can reduce your mobile payroll processing time by up to 88%. How?


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