The PayTickr Story

Creating 20-Minute Payroll

PayTickr is a system developed by EmployeeAssist Inc., a software development company located in Calgary, Alberta founded in 2015.

EmployeeAssist Inc., was founded by CEO Kreg MacPhee and CTO Bradley Rougeau. The idea for PayTickr came to Kreg years before EmployeeAssist started. At the time he owned a landscaping company that often worked along roadways and highways, and at schools and parks. They recognized the need to reduce time at the payroll cycle and to eliminate manual mistakes. They developed an easy mobile payroll tracking system for its small remote workforce, and this became the genesis of PayTickr.

Since then, they’ve created a streamlined time tracking and payroll system that took a half-day’s work doing employee and subcontractor payroll and reduced it to 20 minutes. They’re excited to share the time savings with you!

PayTickr was created with small business in mind, and designed to meet the time tracking and payroll needs of mobile workforces. PayTickr has partnered with Telepay in order to provide payment solutions, as well as reach as many customers as possible across Canada.

Kreg MacPhee, CEO

Kreg was born and raised on a farm near Red Deer, but ventured out to play college golf in the US before kicking off his business career. He graduated from the University of Calgary in 2013 with a degree in computer science, all while owning and operating Kreg Mac Ent. which he founded in 2010. You may not know it was Kreg and his landscaping company keeping things looking pristine on Deerfoot Trail, Stoney Trail, and many other places throughout Calgary. It was here that he began to develop an easy mobile payroll tracking system for his small remote workforce.

He co-founded EmployeeAssist Inc. with Brad in 2015 and is the proud CEO. When Kreg isn’t pondering the wonders of time tracking, you can find him at the local playground chasing his daughter across the monkey bars.

Bradley Rougeau, CTO

Brad was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. His parents ran a small independent accounting firm while he was growing up, giving him both an understanding of the challenges of running a small business and some cursory knowledge of Canadian tax laws. He then attended the University of Calgary to study computer science. Graduating with first an undergraduate degree and then a master’s focused on networking, he developed the skills needed to build a cloud-based system like PayTickr.

In 2015 while he was still studying, Kreg approached him with the concept for PayTickr. He has been acting as lead developer/CTO of PayTickr ever since. When not revolutionizing the world of payroll, he enjoys snowboarding and video games.

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