Not all employees need both Time Tracking AND Payroll. Why pay for it?

Use Only What You Need

Time Tracking


per month per employee

Free mobile app

Mobile & web punch-in/out

Employee punch history

Create logs, including location

OT & Vacation hours calcs

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per employee per payroll run

Source Deductions For All Provinces

24/7 Access To Pay Stubs

Vacation pay & bonus statements

Automatic T4 and ROEs ($3 & $2)

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Time & Payroll

$2 + $1.50

Save 33% per month per employee

All Features From Time Tracking

All Features From Payroll

Integration & Automatic Calcs

$1/month savings on time tracking module … 33% off

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plus a base monthly fee of $5 per month

Exact Pricing Calculator

How much will PayTickr cost me?

Using Direct Deposit

Not Using Direct Deposit
Number of Employees Using:
Time Tracking + Payroll


Time Tracking




My Cost per Month is:


(based on biweekly payroll schedule)
The system will save you

$200 and 5 hours

every 2 weeks based on sample companies*
*Beta companies have found an average of $10 in savings each week per employee due to time fraud elimination, and savings of 30 minutes per employee due to straightforward payroll runs

Add Telpay to your PayTickr Subscription

Direct Deposit ePayments

Pay part-time & full-time staff, and sub-contractors
Gov't Remittances
Amazingly Secure

Special Offer For Telpay Direct Deposit Customers

Time Tracking


per month per employee (save 33%)

Includes Full PayTickr Time Tracking

33% off as part of Telpay bundle

GEO-Enabled Time Tracking Logs

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Payroll w Direct Deposit


per employee per payroll run

All PayTickr Payroll features

Direct deposit to CRA

Pay utilities, credit cards & suppliers

Eliminate expensive wire transfers

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Base Fee and NO Set-up (reg $129)

$20 + $0

Introductory Offer!

Introductory Offer

Base monthly Fee only $20

Free Set-up (a $129 value)

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