Announcing Verification Exchange Integration for Payroll Customers

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Announcing Verification Exchange Integration for Payroll Customers

Update September 25th, 2019: $150 credit has been extended to December 31st, 2019 and the signup process for Verification Exchange has been updated. Now you just need to go to Integrations->EWS Verification Services in PayTickr and fill out the info to activate this integration.

Today we are pleased to announce a new partnership which will help provide an even more comprehensive payroll solution to our customers. We have partnered with Workforce Solutions, a specialized division of Equifax, Inc., to provide instant income and employment verifications through the Verification ExchangeTM. When a PayTickr customer enrolls in the service, their employees will be able to consent to verifiers instantly verifying their income and/or employment without the need for pay stubs or other proof of employment. PayTickr will securely provide the company’s employment and pay status details to Equifax where it can be securely access by credentialed verifiers. This information is refreshed with each payroll cycle, held in a separate database in Canada, and is not co-mingled with other consumer data.

Verifiers, such as mortgage/auto lenders, property managers, credit providers, and pre-employment screeners, must complete a credentialing process with Equifax Workforce Solutions and provide a permissible purpose for the verification before employee information will be provided to them.

Employers enrolling in the service will reduce their liability, risk and workload associated with providing verification information for employees; while allowing their employees to have more secure access to services requiring verification by eliminating the need to print out on paper. The benefits to employees include the ability to get instant verifications 24/7, increase speed and accuracy of decisions made by verifiers for this employee, reduce or eliminate the need for HR to be involved in personal transactions involving this employee, and to keep the employee’s information more secure.

We truly believe this is a great value-add service for both our customers and their employees. Equifax already works directly with a number of large employers across Canada to offer this service to their employees, and we are very excited that PayTickr provides an opportunity for many small and medium-sized companies to offer the same benefits to their employees.

As part of a special introductory offer, we are will provide a one-time $150 credit for any PayTickr customers who enroll in the Verification Exchange service by Dec 31, 2019.

How do you participate? It’s simple! Go to Integrations->EWS Verification Services in the PayTickr system, fill out your company’s information and click “Activate” and you will be up and running.

At this time, Verification Exchange is only currently available to PayTickr payroll customers. If you are only using time tracking, no payroll information will be sent to Equifax and the $150 credit will not be applied to your account. Verification Exchange may be available to time tracking-only customers in the future, through future enhancements with our integration with Equifax.

We believe this partnership, along with our Telpay partnership for direct deposit, and integrations with QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online, and Xero for the export of journal entries, helps us to further enhance our ability to offer a comprehensive time tracking and payroll experience to our customers. While the typical PayTickr customer may not need all the bells and whistles of the massive HR systems used by some larger organizations, there is no reason our customers should not have access to the best tools for performing their time tracking and payroll and we are extremely grateful to our partners for helping us to offer that.

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