An Introduction to PayTickr

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An Introduction to PayTickr

Throughout our blog posts we’ve touched on a wide variety of topics related to PayTickr’s capabilities, but we have heard from a few readers that they still don’t fully understand what PayTickr is or how it can help their business so we’d like to devote this post to providing a quick overview and introduction to the PayTickr system for those not yet familiar with it. We apologize to readers who are already using PayTickr as you might find a lot of this information redundant, but who knows, you might even discover some part of PayTickr you forgot about or weren’t yet aware of. Specifically, we will focus on four key facets of PayTickr: time tracking, location tracking, payroll, and the ProTickr program.

Time Tracking: PayTickr’s time tracking component allows employees to clock in and out for work using their own phone, tablet, or computer, or a shared device using the newly released “punch clock” mode. In the traditional mode, employees can install the PayTickr iOS or PayTickr Android app to their device, or log in to the PayTickr web interface, and then depending on company settings and their current status they can punch in and out, change jobs, and start and end breaks. Employees can input (or select from a preset list) jobs/descriptions when punching in and this job can be changed mid-shift. Employees can also be set up with automatic breaks which will be applied to each shift every time the employee punches out.

Employees can be assigned to teams, and team leaders can be set for each of these teams. Administrators and team leaders can then log in through the web interface and manage the hours of their employees. They can view, create, and edit logs for employees under them, search logs by specific jobs, employees, and dates to see the total hours, and see who is currently punched in and at what time they punched in. They can also punch employees on their team in and out if that employee does not have access to a PayTickr-enabled device at that time. Lastly, administrators (but not team leaders) can generate an hourly wage report filtered by jobs, employees, and dates, which allows them to see a summary report of the gross pay spent on specific jobs or employees.

The most recent addition to the PayTickr offering is the punch clock mode. This allows Android and iOS phones and tablets to be turned into a modern version of the traditional punch clock. If an admin sets the app to punch clock mode a new interface will be shown in which all employees can enter a 6-digit PIN which is assigned to them by the company administrator in order to punch in. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for a full blog post introducing this mode including the soon-to-be-added face ID system supporting facial recognition of the employees.

Location Tracking: Location tracking is provided alongside PayTickr’s time tracking at no additional cost. If location tracking is enabled, while an employee is punched in using the mobile app their location will be tracked throughout their shift. Using PayTickr’s Google Maps integration, administrators and team leaders can then use the web interface to see where all of their currently punched in employees punched in from, and where they are currently located. After an employee punches out, managers can also review the locations on a log to see where the employee went throughout the day. This feature has proven very effective for companies where employees are working individually or in dangerous situations, as it gives the company an additional safety check and location information to go along with regular check-ins that they are often already using.

Payroll: While PayTickr’s time and location tracking stacks up well with other offerings out there, what truly separates PayTickr from a lot of other time tracking options is that it uses those hours to do payroll directly in PayTickr rather than forcing companies to integrate two separate systems to get their hours into their payroll software. Using PayTickr’s overtime rules, vacation pay settings, and stat holiday settings, it is entirely possible in many cases to run payroll through PayTickr without a single keystroke. However, it is also very easy to completely customize hours and salary at payroll time if changes are required from the automatically calculated amounts. PayTickr provides a fully featured payroll system with complete source deductions for all 13 provinces and territories, support for before- and after-tax deductions, benefits, garnishments, and allowances, and built-in generation of T4s and ROEs. PayTickr also features a strong integration with Telpay, a leader in electronic payments in Canada, allowing customers to easily take PayTickr’s generated pay stubs and pay their employees and/or remittances using direct deposit. To see a more in-depth look at PayTickr’s payroll offering, please check out our earlier blog post: What are PayTickr’s payroll capabilities.

ProTickr: ProTickr is PayTickr’s professional program for bookkeepers and accountants. ProTickr provides these professionals with a free copy of PayTickr for internal use whether that be for experimentation, demos, or for actually doing their own payroll. ProTickr customers can then connect with their client companies to the system and be able to access each of them as if they were an administrator of that company. This will allow the ProTickr customer to assist their clients in getting set up on the system, run payroll for their clients from their own office, generate and upload T4s for clients at year end, or pull timesheets or journal entries into QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online, depending on how they choose to use the system. Regardless, the one thing ProTickr customers will never have to do again once they start using PayTickr is chase employees down to get their timesheet information. One recently added feature to ProTickr is support for ProTickr billing. This feature allows ProTickr customers to be billed on behalf of their clients, giving them the option of bundling PayTickr into the regular fees charged to their clients. For more information and to enroll in the program head over to

We hope that helped give you a basic understanding of what PayTickr is and how it can help your business. If we’ve piqued your interest, feel free to join us at one of our weekly webinars that we run every Thursday morning giving a demo of the system, or go ahead and register now for your 30-day free trial. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot us an email at Either way, thanks for taking the time to further familiarize yourself with PayTickr and we hope you have a fantastic day!