Employee Time and Location Tracking: Yesterday and Today

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Employee Time and Location Tracking: Yesterday and Today

While employee tracking may seem like a fairly modern concept, it is in fact rooted in the rich history of time keeping devices and computing technology. We have gathered a few key points in this history to show off the evolution of employee tracking.

The Digital Arithmetic Machine

The journey to employee tracking starts in 1642, when Blaise Pascal invented the digital arithmetic machine. The machines were known as “Pascaline’s” and added numbers together. The innovation of the “carry mechanism” which made calculations dependent on the state of prior calculations is the basis of modern computational theory.

Over the next few centuries, many models of calculators were created and functionality was expanded, but they remained clunky, specialized, with no recording abilities — and they were all made-to-order, making them very expensive.

The Late 19th Century

The late 19th century saw a renaissance in automated computing devices in Eastern U.S.

William Burroughs (Auburn, New York), is the inventor of the first recording adding machine in 1885. It was hard to make and sell profitably. So, in 1886, along with Thomas B. Metcalf, Burroughs created the American Arithmometer Company, & patented a model that could scale with manufacturing.

The First Time Clock

It turns out that Auburn, New York is the birthplace of modern calculators AND time clocks. Because, about the same time that Burroughs was inventing his calculator, fellow Auburn citizen, jeweler Willard Bundy, created the first automated machine to track time.

In 1889, with his brother, Harlow, Willard created the Buddy Manufacturing Company in order to mass-produce time clocks.

The Birth of IBM

In 1905, four companies amalgamated (including the Burroughs and Bundy’s firms) creating a fifth company – The Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company (CTRC). By the early 1920’s, it had 1,300 employees. One of those employees was named Thomas Watson, an ex-National Cash Register GM.

In 1924, Watson renamed the company IBM, and created mainframe computers and the concept of multi-purpose software. Watson passed away in 1956 while still serving as CEO and Chairman for IBM.

Employee Tracking Today

With the advent of desktop computers, smartphones, the cloud & a host of IoT digital sensors and devices, efficient modern businesses employ a wide-range of employee monitoring systems.

There are a large number of options when it comes to employee monitoring software and methods, some more sophisticated and full of features than others. Employers are encouraged to evaluate their needs before deciding on the best solution for them. PayTickr is a great option for those looking for simple time and location tracking that can be integrated into their payroll system as well.

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