How To Convince Your Boss That Your Company Needs Time Tracking

How To Convince Your Boss That Your Company Needs Time Tracking

You know the drill. Rushing to the time clock to punch in only to discover your time card is missing. Or trying to enter the hours you worked into a spreadsheet that never seems to save your changes. Or working remotely and realizing after several hours that you forgot to check in to let anybody know you’re on the clock.

One thing is clear: Your company needs an easy, automatic way to track time. Maybe you’ve mentioned it before, but nothing seems to be happening. How can you convince your boss that your company needs Paytickr time tracking software? Share these advantages to get the project moving and make everyone’s life easier.

Real-Time Tracking

No matter what industry, bosses appreciate the benefits of real-time tracking. No more waiting until the end of the week to see how many hours employees worked. No more wondering if Sue is clocked in or if Joe went home early. Paytickr allows bosses to instantly see who is clocked in right now.

To have a successful business, your workforce needs to be positioned to use their time effectively. They need to set priorities and find the means to deal both with the urgent tasks and the important long-term ones. When critical moments find your business in position, the biggest challenges become the biggest opportunities. Accurate time tracking is the key.

On The Move

If employees work remotely or visit client sites, the right time tracking system is even more important. The Paytickr mobile app is the perfect solution. It lets employees clock in no matter where they are. The app is available for Android and iOS, plus there’s a web interface for people using computers. It even has integrated GPS, letting managers see where people are working. Afraid of going mobile due to poor wireless reception? Employees can track their time even if there’s no data connection. The app saves all the information and uploads it when they’re back in range.

No More Guesstimating

If a time tracking system is a hassle, employees won’t use it. Instead, they will put off their time entry until the last minute and hope they can remember what they did and how long they spent on a task. With Paytickr, managers no longer have to hope that everybody remembers when and how long they worked. Employees will find it more convenient to log their work in real time rather than trying to remember it later.

Make Math Mistakes Disappear

Few things frustrate supervisors more than calculation errors. Paytickr calculates everything automatically, eliminating the need to do math manually and removing mistakes. In addition, time tracking automatically ties to payroll, so every paycheck is correct.

Eliminate the Paper Shuffle

Paper time cards may be familiar, but they have many disadvantages. It’s easy to misplace them during the payroll process, leading to delayed paychecks and unhappy employees. An online solution like Paytickr eliminates this problem. Better yet, all your data is automatically backed up to the cloud, so lost information will be a thing of the past.

Data to the Max

Information is power, and without an automatic time tracking solution, your boss is losing out on a lot of it. With Paytickr, managers can create custom reports that make it easy to track profitability and forecast labour needs. Paytickr makes it easy for employees to track their time at the task level, resulting in a treasure trove of information to help grow the business. Even if you’re not billing clients by the hour, knowing how employees spend their time allows bosses to identify what’s working and what isn’t.

Keep Your Quickbooks

Perhaps your boss is reluctant to use a new system because QuickBooks is working so well. Paytickr integrates with QuickBooks, so there’s no need to make a switch. In fact, Paytickr’s full integration with QuickBooks will make your current system even more efficient, and who wouldn’t love that?

Once your manager is ready to get started, we’re ready to help. Start your free trial today, or contact us for even more reasons to make the switch.