PayTickr Takes The Canadian Payroll Association Annual Conference By Storm!

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PayTickr Takes The Canadian Payroll Association Annual Conference By Storm!

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On June 27th, PayTickr CTO Brad Rougeau headed to Ottawa to attend the Canadian Payroll Association (CPA) Annual Conference Trade Show. He was joined by Heidi Stobert, the voice of our social media (thanks CMO4Hire for letting us “borrow” her for a few days!) and friend of PayTickr, Jai Bhatti. The trio spent the day connecting with fellow industry organizations, as well as payroll administrators, bookkeepers, human resource specialists, and other attendees.

It was a great experience for everyone involved, even our team back in Calgary. We thought we would let Brad tell the story first-hand.

It was great to connect with so many payroll experts from the eastern side of our country, as well as seeing some familiar faces who made it out from our side of Canada. We were able to introduce PayTickr to many new people, and were highly encouraged by the interest, particularly in the location and time tracking aspects of PayTickr. We also learned a ton from talking to many of the attendees at the conference, including the challenges that many people working in HR, payroll and bookkeeping face when running payroll.

Paytickr team trade booth heidi brad conference
Jai, Brad and Heidi at the PayTickr trade show booth.
Jai and Brad talk about the benefits of PayTickr on the CPA Conference Trade Show floor.

One of the big things we heard was the challenges of staying up-to-date and adapting to new technologies, on top of the regular duties these individuals have. Now that we are back in Calgary, we are revisiting and revamping our onboarding procedures at PayTickr to make sure employees and administrators alike are able to learn and use the system quickly and effectively. Expect to see some changes to the PayTickr interface over the coming months.

Another challenge we heard about is individuals having to face as our companies continue to drive forward is additional responsibilities, along with less time to do them. That really spoke to us at PayTickr, as the core purpose of our system is to reduce the time needed and headaches of running payroll. Furthermore, our system goes beyond straightforward payroll, empowering payroll administrators and team leaders to keep track of where their employees are and verify the times they are submitting.

Heidi shows off the fun of VR at the PayTickr booth.

Were you at the conference as well? We would love to hear about your experience. Send us a message on our Twitter or Facebook page.