What We Learned At AccelerateAB: A PayTickr Story

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What We Learned At AccelerateAB: A PayTickr Story

In April, Brad and Kreg from PayTickr attended AccelerateAB in Edmonton. (You can read more about this great opportunity here.)

It was a busy and insightful two days full of connecting and learning. We met some great people and even got to spend some quality time with our friends from CMO4Hire (shout out to them for everything they do for us!) 

There was two main things that the gentlemen took away from the experience, and we thought we would let them explain in their own words…

Customers Are Key to PayTickr’s Success

Brad: “The biggest takeaway for me from talking to successful entrepreneurs and other startups is how important the focus on the customer needs to be. While that’s something Kreg and I have always believed in, and in fact the genesis of PayTickr was a customer need of Kreg’s that wasn’t being serviced by the existing solutions, it’s nice to hear that sentiment echoed by others.

Kreg:We can’t get bogged down doing everything people want. We need to provide people what they need and do it very well. I have developed a further understanding about the need to create more then a great product. We have been working so hard and focusing on a great system but there is so much more to a business then a great product.”

Brad: The biggest result that PayTickr customers will see from that is a redoubling of our efforts to communicate with them, engage them in the PayTickr product, and make sure we are giving them the resources they need to use PayTickr effectively, whether that is integrations with other products they use or configuration options to make sure PayTickr suits their unique needs.

“There is so much more to a business then a great product.”

How Alberta’s Tech and Startup Community Is Doing Things Right

“Alberta doesn’t need to try to be the ‘Canadian Silicon Valley’…”

Brad: “One thing I saw at the conference was how lively the tech industry in Alberta is. While a lot of the government and media focus in the province is on attempts to attract big companies to our cities, under the radar the startup scene in Alberta is really starting to pick up steam. That’s due in large parts to the efforts of organizations like the A100, Startup Calgary, Startup Edmonton, Rainforest Alberta, and countless accelerators and incubators across the province.”

Kreg: “I have a stronger appreciation for the Alberta tech community specifically the A100. There are many successful people that are willing to take time out of there day to help others. People want to help others and see success stories. I will love to help others in the future, hopefully I have good advice that can help young entrepreneurs.”

Brad:Alberta doesn’t need to try to be the ‘Canadian Silicon Valley’, it can just become a tech-focused Alberta using the existing entrepreneurial spirit and drive that have made this province successful for so many years. We want PayTickr to be a big part of that Alberta, and with a lot of hard work and help from our customers we believe we can get there.”