Press Release: PayTickr Announces Integration with QuickBooks Canada

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Press Release: PayTickr Announces Integration with QuickBooks Canada

Calgary, Canada – Tuesday, April 24, 2018 – EmployeeAssist Inc. is proud to announce the integration of their PayTickr time tracking and payroll software with Intuit’s QuickBooks Desktop and Online accounting software for Canada.

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The PayTickr team has had an exciting and successful journey so far in 2018, and are taking that momentum forward in this next big step!

PayTickr Brings Integrated Time Tracking, Payroll and ePayments to QuickBooks Canada

The integration between PayTickr and QuickBooks allows businesses to fully manage their employee hours, payroll, invoicing and payment in a seamless process. The need for manually entering data between the two has now been eliminated.

PayTickr continues to partner with Winnipeg-based Telpay,, to offer seamless direct deposit ePayments for PayTickr clients. Amounts for employees, subcontractors, and CRA government remittances can all be calculated and electronically paid with a click of a button in the PayTickr interface. Telpay’s ePayment system is also integrated with QuickBooks.

There are a number of options as to how the two software systems can integrate, depending on need of the small business user.

“When designing the PayTickr integration with QuickBooks we wanted complete flexibility,” states Brad Rougeau, Paytickr CTO. “For example, 2-way Import & Export of QuickBooks data, support of .iif time tracking files, and 9 different settings for how journal entries can be posted.”

EmployeeAssist Inc. is supported with funding and development assistance from Alberta Innovates and Tecterra, in turn receiving funding from Alberta Innovates, Western Economic Diversification Canada and Government of Canada Networks of Centres of Excellence. Also, thanks to CMO4Hire for help with our website and digital marketing strategy.