FAQ: QuickBooks Online Integration - Manual Import of Employees

FAQ: QuickBooks Online Integration – Manual Import of Employees

You can integrate QuickBooks Online once you have started with PayTickr and set up your payroll payment options. Read this blog post or download a hi-res PDF for your own records. You can also watch the tutorial video at the bottom of the page.

Manual Integration: Importing Employees

You must first integrate your QuickBooks Online account with PayTickr before configuring. Please consult “FAQ: QuickBooks Online Integration – Getting Started”.

Under the “Configuration and Management” tab, select “Manage Employees”. Click on “Import Employees from QuickBooks Online”.

Check off which employees from your QuickBooks company you would like to import to PayTickr and then click “Start Import”.

Verify the information for each imported employee and add the necessary information (including a username and password). Note that if you exit partway through this process, whichever employees you have already verified will be imported to your PayTickr company.

Note: Unfortunately, YTD information cannot be imported from QuickBooks Online, so you will be prompted to enter the YTD amounts for each imported employee. Leave these at $0.00 if the employee has not been paid yet this year.