FAQ: QuickBooks Online Integration - Manual Export of Journal Entries

FAQ: QuickBooks Online Integration – Manual Export of Journal Entries

You can integrate QuickBooks Online once you have started with PayTickr and set up your payroll payment options. Read this blog post or download a hi-res PDF for your own records. You can also watch the tutorial video at the bottom of the page.

Manual Integration: Exporting Journal Entries

You must first integrate your QuickBooks Online account with PayTickr before configuring. Please consult “FAQ: QuickBooks Online Integration – Getting Started”.

Under the “Time and Pay” tab, select “Payroll”, and then “See Payroll Runs”.

Enter your filters to select the pay stubs whose data you wish to export to QuickBooks as journal entries. Check off the pay stubs you want to export and then click “Create Journal Entries for Selected Pay Stubs”.

In the dialog that pops up select “QuickBooks Online” and click “Next Step”. Use the checkboxes at the top of the screen to combine journal entries that you want combined.

Check off “Use same debit/credit…” for the journal entries that will be exported to the same account to avoid typing these accounts multiple times.

Type the name of the journal entry item description (same for both credit and debit entries) and select the name of the debit and credit accounts to which the journal entries will be applied.

These have been set to sensible defaults but can be customized for your company. You can also modify the posting date if necessary.

Note: New debit/credit accounts can be created in your QuickBooks Online company by selecting “Add New Account” and typing the name of those accounts

Ensure “Save changes for next journal entry” is checked off to keep your settings going forward if you wish to do so, and then click “Create Journal Entries”. Your journal entries will now show up in your QuickBooks Online company automatically.