FAQ: QuickBooks Online Integration - Automatic Configuration

FAQ: QuickBooks Online Integration – Automatic Configuration

You can integrate QuickBooks Online once you have started with PayTickr and set up your payroll payment options. Read this blog post or download a hi-res PDF for your own records.

Automatic Integration: Configuration

You must first integrate your QuickBooks Online account with PayTickr before configuring. Please consult “FAQ: QuickBooks Online Integration – Getting Started”.

After connecting your QuickBooks Online company, you can see the QuickBooks Online Integration options that are provided. You can turn on automatic employee synchronization, automatic task export, and automatic journal entry export.

For automatic task export, you can choose whether the task description will be exported to QuickBooks Online as a “Description/Note” or “Service Item”.

For automatic journal entry export, click “Edit Journal Entry Export Settings”. Here you can configure how journal entries are combined, the item description, and the debit and credit accounts to be used for each journal entry, just as when a manual journal entry is performed.

After making changes to your automatic QuickBooks integration, be sure to click the “Save Changes” button before leaving the page.