FAQ: How Do I Set Up Multiple Hourly Wages and Combined Salary & Hourly Pay?

FAQ: How Do I Set Up Multiple Hourly Wages and Combined Salary & Hourly Pay?

You can set up multiple hourly wages and combined salary & hourly pay for your employees once you have started with PayTickr and set up your payroll payment options. Read this blog post or download a hi-res PDF for your own records.

Note: Active employee(s) are needed to run payroll. You must set up payroll for your company before proceeding. Please consult “FAQ: How Do I Process Payroll?”.

Multiple Hourly Wages

Under the “Configuration and Management” tab, select “Company Settings”, then select “Company Profile”, and check off “Allow multiple hourly wages on employees”.

If this is your first time setting up your company, be sure to go through all the other settings on this page.

Optional: If you have not yet configured your company, also set up any payroll schedules and additions and deductions on their respective pages in company settings as well.

Under the “Configuration and Management” tab, select “Manage Employees”. Either create an employee by clicking “Create New Employee”, import employees from QuickBooks using “Import Employees from QuickBooks”, or edit an existing employee you want to add additional hourly wages to by clicking the pencil in their row.

Ensure both the time tracking and payroll modules are enabled on the employee. Then, in the “Payroll Info” tab under “Hourly Wages” you will be able to add and delete additional hourly wages for each employee. Each hourly wage will have a name and pay rate. The name will show up to employees as an option to choose when punching in or changing tasks in the system.

Note: If you wish to change the hourly rate on an existing log for an employee, under “Time & Pay” go to “Time Tracking”, and then “Show/Manage Employee Logs”. Next to the log you wish to change click the pencil to edit the log, go to the “Tasks” tab, and click the pencil next to the task you wish to change. From this screen you can change the hourly rate for the task, and the wage name as will show up on any pay stubs created with this log.

Salaried & Hourly Employees


To pay employees salaries and hourly pay, simply select “Both” as the “Payment Type” in the “Payroll Info” tab of an employee. You will then be prompted to enter both a salary and hourly wage for that employee (or multiple hourly wages if your company is set for that).

Any logs for that employee will go towards hourly pay in payroll calculations.