5 Tricks To Track Your Mobile Workforce

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5 Tricks To Track Your Mobile Workforce

We see it everywhere, people glued to their phones and laptops. This may be at the local coffee shop, aisle 5 at the grocery store, or even down some dirt road far from the nearest city.

Sure, some of these people are just wasting their time playing games and mindlessly scrolling social media. But many are hard at work.

Modern technology has now made it easier than ever for businesses to operate outside the traditional office setting, with many businesses (especially small ones) to operate without an office at all. But how do the people who own and manage business keep track of their mobile workforce, if they aren’t seeing them everyday? Here are some tips and tricks to make it work.

Working from home is becoming more and more common.

Officeless is Awesomeness

There are some wicked benefits to not having to work out of an office. Cutting out that commute time is often enough for most people.  Schedules also tend to be a little more flexible as well, and the distractions that an office setting can have are eliminated.

Many mobile workers recognize these benefits and are grateful for them. Therefore, they should already be willing to make time tracking and communication work in other ways for them and their team.

If not, we still have four other tips below…

Digital Punch Cards

Digital punch card systems are an amazing tool for mobile workforces. Your employees can just simply use the app to clock in and out of work, no matter where their work has taken them. Even if an internet connection is not available, the punches will be saved and uploaded to the cloud system when the connection is established again. No more “guestimating” hours, or dealing with paper and pens. Administrators can then easily pull this information on their computers and mobile devices for generating reports and payroll.

Punching in from the jobsite is now easier than ever with mobile apps.

GPS and Location Tracking Tools

While digital punch cards that your employees can take on the road is an effective tool, their mobile nature doesn’t ensure that your employees are punching in from where they are supposed to be. That is why more and more time tracking apps will also include GPS and location tracking features, to give managers a little more peace of mind.

Create a sense of transparency

Without the office setting to gather in, your mobile workforce may not always know what is going on in the inner workings of your company, or even in aspects of their own projects outside of their personal responsibilities. The same goes for the person overseeing the workforce.

Establishing transparency between workers and mangers alike can alleviate any fears or distrust that may occur, especially when it comes to knowing who is working where and when. Transparency can include things like a shared calendar, Google Doc with project tasks and who is assigned to them, and/or weekly meetings. Transparency also means communications, which brings us to the final tip…

Find the communication tool that works for your business.

Communication is key

In the end, clear communication is the biggest key to tracking your mobile workforce. When there is a clear line of communication between managers and employees, trust and respect is built between them. This can mean anything from a quick text, to a group chat via an app like Slack, to a weekly update via email. Whatever works for your business.


With these tips in your arsenal, you are ready to rock your mobile business. Be sure to check out PayTickr’s time tracking features if you need some additional tools as well!