FAQ: How Do I Track My Employees' Time?

FAQ: How Do I Track My Employees’ Time?

Once you have started with PayTickr, you and your employees can download the mobile app and begin filling in and viewing time logs. Read this blog post or download a hi-res PDF for your own records.

Get The App

Employees can punch in/out using the website or using mobile apps. Employees will use the same credentials to login on the mobile apps as on the website: company name, username and password.

Note: If the admin sets ‘Required Location’ to the “On” setting, the employee will only be able to punch in/out if their device or browser allows GPS location services. Be aware that the PayTickr app will need data access to allow the employee to punch in/out. If data is turned off the mobile device will not be able to connect to the PayTickr server.

View Your Employees Time

To view employees tracked time go to the ‘Time & Payroll’ tab then select ‘Time Tracking’ and ‘Show/Manage Employee Logs’. Select an employee and dates in the pop-up, if the start date is left blank it will default to the first log, if the end date is left blank it will default to the last log.


Logs can be filtered by date to see a specific pay period. Overtime rules can be added in the ‘Manage Employees’ page, and the logs page will display the hours including overtime. See help video on ‘Manage Employees’ page for more information on configuring overtime rules. The overtime hours will automatically be calculated and added to regular hours.

Tasks & Descriptions

Tasks and descriptions can be entered with each log, allowing
you to easily keep track of hours spent on specific jobs or jobsites. Tasks can also be changed mid-shift by clicking ‘Change Task’ on the website or mobile apps while punched in. To search tasks, go to the ‘Time & Payroll’ tab, select ‘Time Tracking’ and ‘Search Tasks’. Enter the search filters you need in the pop-up, and leave unneeded fields blank.