Hello world!

Hello world!

It’s been said that the toughest and most expensive dollar to make in a new business is the first one. The same can be said about the “Hello, World” blog post. The first blog post on a new software website first requires that software is created, and then the brand gets created alongside it … followed by a website and shortly thereafter by the first “Hello, World” blog post.

“Hello, World” is a reference to the age-old practice of coding a “Hello, World” program when you’re first learning a new programming language. The goal of the coding is to put the words “Hello, World” on the screen when the program runs.

For example, Basic. “Hello, World” code in Basic is simply this:

10 PRINT "Hello World!"

A shout-out to our friends at CMO4Hire, whose own “Hello, World” blog post includes code for no less than 18 different programming languages.

PayTickr is The Next Generation of Mobile Payroll

So, that’s where we are. As PayTickr, we’ve been in business over 2 years, we’re just writing our “Hello, World” blog post, and we’re very excited to launching our next generation of our software, our website and helping a lot more small business owners tackle the problem of managing mobile teams.


Brad and Kreg